The Lego Boost Activity Book


LEGO Robot, LEGO Mindstorms diagramLEGO Robot, LEGO Mindstorms diagram

Robotics for Beginners

Build your own LEGO BOOST robot, then program it!

LEGO Robot, LEGO BOOST, building instructionsLEGO Robot, LEGO BOOST, building instructions

Easy to Follow

Find step-by-step building instructions.

LEGO Mindstorms, diagram, instructionsLEGO Mindstorms, diagram, instructions

Make Multiple Projects

Build several different models with a single kit.

LEGO BOOST Creative Canvas, LEGO robot app, LEGO appLEGO BOOST Creative Canvas, LEGO robot app, LEGO app

Program Your Robot

Use the LEGO BOOST Creative Canvas to program every aspect of your robot’s behavior.

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