Organic Radish Seeds, 3 Pounds – Seeds for Sprouting, Non-GMO, Kosher, Raw, Vegan, Bulk


Organic Radish Sprouting Seeds are a versatile product that you will absolutely love. You can use them as a spice or sprout them to grow delicious peppery microgreens that will give your salads and green smoothies a boost of nutrients and flavor.

Radish has a rather distinct peppery flavor, and so do its seeds and sprouts. If you choose to use Organic Radish Sprouting Seeds as a spice, we advise grinding them immediately before use. This way, oil from the seeds can offer its maximum benefits.

Organic Radish Sprouting Seeds contain a lot of fiber as well as some minerals and vitamins. They’re rich in antioxidants, particularly in Vitamin C.

Use Organic Radish Seeds for Sprouting and Cooking

If used as a spice, Organic Radish Sprouting Seeds are slightly bitter and have a rather strong flavor reminiscent of mature radishes. Be careful when using them to season your dishes as its flavor does not combine well with many other spices.

Using Organic Radish Sprouting Seeds for actual sprouting is the best and most popular way. The majority of sprouts taste like grass or nothing at all. However, radish microgreens actually have a flavor (like radishes, but milder). Radish microgreens take very little effort to be grown. The seeds sprout easily in any flat container lined with paper towels or a cheesecloth, needing only 48 hours to germinate.

Crunchy and peppery Organic Radish Sprouts will be a great addition to salads, spring rolls, and sandwiches. You can sprinkle them on soups and stews, however do not cook them to avoid losing precious antioxidants.

Add a bunch of sprouts to your green smoothie to both enrich its flavor and make it even more nutritious.

SPROUTING MADE EASY: Use Organic Radish Sprouting Seeds for sprouting to grow microgreens packed with antioxidants in 48 hours.
TASTY AND PEPPERY: Ground organic radish seeds make for a flavorful spice and sprouts are peppery and tasty.
FORGET BLAND SPROUTS: Sprouted Organic Radish Seeds taste very much like mature plants, which sets them apart from bland green sprouts.
VERSATILE COOKING INGREDIENT: Use seeds to spice up your dishes and add sprouts to salads, spring rolls and green smoothies.

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