Hape E3000 Pretend Play Creative Building Set for Toddlers, 35 Pieces,E3000,”L: 21.7, W: 11.1, H: 31.8 inch”,Multi


Hape’s 32 Piece Master Workbench is a kids toolset a little builder will love you forever for, it allows your kids to build structures separately or attach pieces right on it. It is the ultimate kid’s toolbox emulating a professionals work station and tools. The workbench allows your child to practice the name of the tools, describe the use of each one, and describe what he or she wants to build with it. Design and Materials Hape has designed realistic tools for children’s hands enabling your little handyman and girl to build and fix anything they want. 32 piece kids tool set including a hammer, saw, screwdriver, wrench, vice, angle, screws, nuts, bolts, gears, links and more creative parts for building. All tools made from wood sourced from environmentally sustainable forests. Hape regards child safety as the utmost priority this is why their toy workbench is durable, child safe with non-toxic paint finish, and has solid wood construction ensuring the longevity of the toolset for your kid to play for years to come. This kids tool bench provides convenient storage space and a work surface for your kid helping the cleaning up process and reduces the chances of tools getting lost. Skill Development This kids wooden tool bench helps develop engineering and building skills, empowers kids to imagine and create when playing with the building tools. It helps develop fine motor skills and encourages kids to find solutions to problems. Award Winning Product Medal of Kielce trade fairs, 2014 in Poland and 2013 in Canada
FORAGROWINGCRAFTSMAN: Thistoolsetfortoddlersisrecommendedforchildren3yearsandolderwithaheightadjustableworkbenchcounterforgrowingbuilders
STORAGECONVENIENCE: Thistoyworkbenchhasshelvestostoreallyourkid’stoolsandsupplieswithinreach
AWARDWINNING: GoldStarAwardbyToyStoresofCanada

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